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**Per Village Ordinance #103, suitable containers may be placed at the curb on the day of pick up and must be promptly removed once empty.**

Lakeshore Recycling 
877-LAKE-877 (877-525-3877)
Garbage pick-up is every Tuesday; Recycling pick-up is every other Tuesday
Check the calendar for exact recycling dates.

Check the list of acceptable and unacceptable recycling items.

October through December, every other day (alternating North Side/South Side) until first snowfall

**The Village picks up properly placed yard waste on Wednesdays. The service begins April 1 and continues until the first snow.**

Remember these rules (Ordinance #184):
Containers must be one of the following:
  • Paper yard waste bags (available at local grocery, lawn, garden and hardware stores)
  • 32-gallon cans clearly marked "Yard Waste"
  • Biodegradable plastic bags (available online and at some stores)
  • There is a 60-pound weight limit on all containers
Acceptable yard waste is considered to be grass clippings and garden weeds, leaves, and trimmings.
  • Brush (2" in diameter or less) may be considered yard waste and packaged in either of the above-mentioned ways. Keep grass and brush separate.
  • Trimmings / Branches between 2" – 6" diameter will be collected with the yard waste provided they are 4 feet maximum in length and neatly stacked as curbside bundles.
  • If you have trimmings larger than 6" diameter, contact a private tree service contractor or refuse hauler.
PLEASE NOTE: Yard waste improperly packaged or mixed with other materials will not be collected and may incur fines.
  • Yard waste collected in non-biodegradable plastic bags or single-layer paper bags is prohibited and will not be collected
  • Mixing of yard waste with your regular trash is prohibited
  • Yard waste placed in improper containers or mixed with other materials WILL NOT BE COLLECTED
  • A violation notice may be issued advising the owner or occupant to remove the yard waste from the curb and separate it for the following week’s collection
  • If the yard waste is not removed from the curb, residents will be assessed charges to have the debris removed