2014 Community Activities Calendar

Rubbish Pick-up on Tuesdays

Recycling every other Tuesday

October thru December

Leaf Pickup - Weather Permitting
Every other day - North Side/South Side

Saturday December 6th

Holiday Parade - 11 am

Friends of Three Oaks Talent Show - Noon

Santa and Mrs Claus - At the Library - Noon

Friends of Three Oaks Talent Show - Noon

Spring thru Fall

Yard Trash Pickup - Tuesdays

April 5, 2014

Three Oaks History Day

June 13-15, 2014

Flag Day Weekend
Festival Lead: Brittney Deruiter
Parade Lead: Gail Freehling

Flag Day Hog Roast
May 24, 2014

Three Oaks Village Clean Up - October 11th
Sponsored by the Three Oaks Masonic Lodge